Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After the Day

Good Day to All!

This is my first formal foray into the world of blogging, per se.

When my wife was very ill earlier this year, I did begin to send notes on her condition and my thoughts, etc. out to friends and family...I called it the "Becky Blog."

Anyway, I was so impressed by my son's Ben making time to do this to keep all of us informed on his daily life and 'adventures,' I endeavored to do the same.

So, it the day after Thanksgiving, and I have the house to myself, except for my daughter's hoard of pets (grandpuppies and a grandkitten...we have no grandkids yet, only more animals!). Everyone has gone to town so that my wife can show my daughter Jennifer and her husband Patrick all of the damage left by Hurricane Ike.

We still look like Baghdad, or some 3rd world country you see in the commercials about sending money to starving kids...

OK, more in a bit. I'm gonna look this stuff over, try to jazz up the site a bit, etc. I'm self taught on the computer world, as is the case with most of my acquired tastes and knowledges I ain't easy teaching a gorilla to type, but I've done pretty good so far...